Caring of Pearls


Caring of Pearls

Whether your pearls are brand new or famly helrlooms, knowing how to care for your gems to keep them beautful is paramount. Pears are a porous gemstone. Thimeans that they can absorb ols and acids easily, which over time can lead to damaged and discolored nacre. Knowing how to clean and maintain your pear's mean:that you can keep them looking lustrous and true to color for decades to come.

Below are our recommendations for daiv and weekiy pear care. long ter maintenance of your pearls, and a few tips on deep cleaning pear iewely, last but not

least we've included a helpful list of what NOT to do when wearing and caring for your pearls.

Put your pearls on last, after all cosmetics, lotions, hairspray and perfume has been applied.

Remove your pearls before doing any “touch ups” to avoid getting cosmetics or perfume on their surfaces.

Take your pearls off first after your done wearing them. Wipe them downwith a soft, very slightly damp cloth to remove any chemical residues.

Show them some love by wearing them regularly. Pearls need moisture inorder to maintain their luster and structural integrity. They'll get all themoisture they need by absorbing some of the oils from your skin.

Store your pearls in a soft cloth or velvet pouch, away from other sharpmetals in your jewelry box. This keeps them safe from getting scratched bymetal components.

Proper storage for your pearls

Whetherit's a necklace or pearlearrings, proper storage is essential to ensuring the longevity of your piece.

If possible, keep your necklace, bracelet, or earrings in the original pouch or container they arrived in. lf you no longelhave it, a lined jewelry box, silk bag, or a soft cloth will do. Avoid storing your pearls next to other pieces, as it's morelikely they'll get scratched.

Never store pearls in an air-tight bag or container. Pearls require moisture, or they might crack, Also, never store pearlsin plastic bags or containers.

Another common mistake pearl owners make is hanging necklaces from hooks. Hanging your necklace or bracelet inthis way puts extra strain on the thread and can stretch it out prematurely.

There are plenty of iewelry storage ideas out there, from simple jewelry boxes to storage behind mirrors. Find aso ution that protects vour pearls but doesn't keep them entirely out of sight and out of mind. After al, you want towear your pearls at least somewhat regularly.

Another common mistake people make is taking off their jewelry at night and storing it on their nightstands. Not onlyis this a recipe for a lost pearl earring, but it can scratch your pearls. lf you plan on storing your jewelry on yournightstand, buy a soft jewelry tray with compartments.

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